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Preparing you for a high-paying cyber security career

Future-proof your income

A career in cyber security is challenging, exciting, fast-paced and exceptionally rewarding

Help, secure

Protect the digital world from malicious actors and truly help people and businesses

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You’ll develop in-demand skills and employers will seek out your cyber expertise 

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What's a career in cyber like?
  • Check out the casual career talk with one of our mentors, James Bore.
  • Due to the shortage of cyber talent, salaries are very high
  • You'll be protecting & helping people and businesses
  • You'll always be challenged as the threat landscape changes
  • You'll always be learning about new threats and technology
  • There's a variety of specialisations and roles available in cyber
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Prepare for a new career with the Academy

Your new beggining

The Academy will teach you core technical and non-technical skills needed to start a career in cyber security. 

We give you the perfect foundation to build upon without pigeon-holing you into one specific role

This depends on a number of factors. Your background, transferable skills, academic history all play a part in what cyber role you could be eligible for. Furthermore, the Academy will encourage you to pursue areas of interest, so you can specialise some of your skill-set. 

We give you the perfect foundation to apply for a number of tier-1 cyber roles. 

  • Tier 1 Cyber Security Consultant
  • Tier 1 Security Operations Centre (SOC) Analyst
  • Tier 1 Cyber Security Analyst
  • Tier 1 Security Engineer
  • Tier 1 Ethical Hacker


Cyber security employers vary . All businesses need a level of security regarding their information and digital assets. For tier 1 and entry-level roles, employers tend to be more mature and larger in size. These could be financial institutions, consultancies, defence companies, and the military itself. The 20 largest UK cyber employers are;
  1. KPMG – 5.95%
  2. PwC – 5.08%
  3. EY – 1.99%
  4. Deloitte – 1.47%
  5. Vodafone – 1.46%
  6. Hastings Direct – 1.43%
  7. Aviva – 0.78%
  8. Captia – 0.75%
  9. Barclays – 0.66%
  10. Capgemini – 0.66%
  11. Sainsbury’s – 0.64%
  12. Raytheon – 0.63%
  13. IBM – 0.63%
  14. Airbus Group – 0.63%
  15. BT – 0.60%
  16. NTT Security – 0.56%
  17. Johnson Controls – 0.54%
  18. Wipro – 0.53%
  19. BAE Systems – 0.50%
  20. JPMorgan Chase – 0.48%

The answer tot his question would depend on your employment history, academic background, professional qualifications, and more. 

For your first cyber security job, you can expect to earn a minimum of £25,000 but the average is more towards £30,000-£32,000.

Once you have some experience, career progression is rapid, with yearly salary increases way higher than the national average. 


Many professionals in cyber security earn more than £100,000 a year in cyber security.

Many cyber professionals operate as contractors earning over £400 per day. For the most senior positions, such as the Chief Information Security Officer role, salaries commonly exceed £100,000. 

There are some board advisers who can earn over £2,000 per day.  

 International opportunities are also abundant. The demand for cyber security professionals is global, with the USA, Middle East, Europe and Australasia all looking for cyber talent.