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Designed to get you

A remote, live, and instructor-led curriculum
built by academics and employers
Our priority is to get you hired

You’ll learn how to do things, not only how things work. Our curriculum teaches in-demand cyber skills which prepare you for the workplace.

Built in collaboration with

The curriculum revolves around preparing learners for the workplace


Learn in-demand cyber skills and be rewarded with a high-paying career

We don't just teach you

We prepare you for a new career.
You’ll receive mentoring from an industry professional alongside our exceptional student support


You and your team will be paired with a senior professional who currently works in cyber security. 

Learner outcomes team

We have staff solely dedicated to making sure you land a cyber security job after graduation

Student success team

Learner success make sure you have everything you need, all you need to do is concentrate on learning


Our tutors have real-life cyber experience and are experts in training delivery.

Career counselling

Interview prep, CV development, LinkedIn optimisation, job hunting tips and much more

Soft-skill development

Our team-based, problem-based methodology accelerates your soft skill development

Discover your true calling

Real-life projects, hands-on skills

Learn by doing, learn in your team, prepare for the cyber security workplace

Curriculum   Methodology

Our curriculum was built around leading academic research, maximising knowledge retention and learner engagement. A problem-based methodology prepares you for the cyber security workplace, meaning a higher salary when you graduate

A 600-hour bootcamp delivered entirely online
  • A full-time rigorous programme where you can change your career in just 16 weeks
  • Experience a problem-based curriculum and learn how to solve complex cyber security issues
  • Work and progress in your small team and solve real-life cyber problems
  • Obtain 3 professional certifications to increase your employability
  • Get access to hands-on cyber lab environments
  • We replicate the cyber workplace, preparing you for the real world
Discover your true calling

Cyber security is one of the highest paying careers

Everything we teach improves your employ-ability and prepares you for the workplace

Course & Curriculum

We prepare you for a new career, we invest in you. If you don’t land a high paying job, then we don’t get paid.

The Academy of Cyber Security is a 600-hour immersive course. Students receive 400 hours of instructor-led tuition alongside 200 hours of guided self-study.

The course can be taken full-time during the daytime schedule over 16 weeks. Alternatively, the course can be taken on the evenings & weekends schedule over 26 weeks.

The course is delivered entirely online using remote education technology and the virtual classroom. Lessons are interactive, delivered live, and regularly include team-based learning projects. 

You will learn alongside your class peers and the quality of tuition is as high as you would expect in a physical classroom. 

The course and curriculum was designed by an expert team consisting of academic experts, leading cyber security professionals, and cyber security employers. 

The curriculum has been developed around five threshold concepts;

  • Cyber security operations & engineering
  • Governance, risk, and compliance
  • Cyber security culture & awareness
  • Business continuity
  • Cyber security leadership & strategy

As a learner, you will undertake a journey of solving cyber security problems as part of your team. The problems become more complex the further into the course you go. This isn’t a module-based course, it’s an organic journey where the cyber security workplace is closely replicated.

This methodology also directly develops a wide range of vital soft skills. These include communication, problem-solving, team work, report writing, strategy development, and many more. 

Graduates of the Academy will obtain three highly recognised cyber security certifications. These will include;

  • CompTIA Network+
  • CompTIA Security+
  • ISO 27001 Foundation Certificate

All exams are provisioned online and costs covered by the Academy. 

These certifications were chosen based on employer feedback and labour market research. 

The curriculum is not built around these certifications. Learners will be able to pass and study for these certifications as a by-product of the main 16-week curriculum. 

The curriculum is mapped against NIST NICE, GCHQ, and the Charted Institute of Information Security Professionals (CIISec) frameworks. It is also the equivalent of a PGCert in Cyber Security (600 credits).

The course is expected to be accredited by GCHQ and acknowledged by CIISec. 

We are exploring partnerships with universities to realise the PGCert equivalence status.