Our Career Preparation Plan

We don’t get paid until you start your high paying cyber security career. 
We do everything we can to make sure it happens.

Access to our employer network

We have partnered with some of the most influential cyber employers. Members of the Academy are in high demand.

Career Advisory Team

Our career advisory team has exceptional experience in cyber recruitment and HR alongside their network of employers. They’re never further than a Slack message away.

Industry Placements

Many of our employment partners are willing to offer Academy members a 1-week work experience placement upon graduation. 

LinkedIn Optimisation

Our careers team and mentors help you put together a killer LinkedIn profile. Think SEO, senior connections, and eye catching content.

CV Creation

Working with our CV partners, we can create a beautiful CV for all Academy members. Using the experience of our tutors, mentors, and career advisory team. 

Interview Coaching

Members of the Academy are highly rated, so sometimes it’s more like you’re interview them! Never-the-less, our team will coach you how to ace evaluation scenarios and interviews. 

Be part of something special

Members of the Academy are highly sought after

Our employer network consists of the most influential cyber security employers in the world. 
They all know the Academy is the best place to get emerging cyber security talent.

Personal Mentoring
The Academy teaches members core technical cyber security skills which are in high demand. Having a strong technical foundation allows Academy graduates to pursue a number of different roles in cyber. 

The Academy curriculum is focused on building a core technical cyber security skill set, ideally suited to ‘defend & protect’ roles.  These types of roles identify, analyse, and mitigates threats to an organisations IT infrastructure. 

Defend & protect professionals are in high demand, so much so, that there is a 0% unemployment rate for professionals with these skills. 

The Academy has numerous employment partners. These range from household names such as BAE & Airbus, through to boutique start ups & government departments.

Our employment partners are always interested in hiring from the Academy, simply due to the quality and expertise of the members and graduates. 

You can expect a starting salary of approximately £30k-£32k depending on your background. Some of our graduates can be offered upwards of £40k for their first cyber role after graduating. 

Your first cyber role will likely come with a host of benefits too, this can include car allowances, bonuses, impressive annual leave allowances, flexi-time, working from home opportunities, and much more.


With a core technical skill set under your belt, members of the Academy can expect a very fruitful career in cyber security. 

Average salaries in 2018 hit £72,500 and quality of work/life enjoyment is higher than average. 

 Academy graduates will also be primed for future management and leadership positions. Some professionals in cyber security earn upwards of £3,000 per day!