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Income Share Agreements

No debt, no interest, and don’t pay anything back until you’re in a high earning job.

ISA’s offer a modern, fair, and flexible way to pay tuition costs.

ISA’s are an agreement between you and the tuition provider, ie, us. 

Once in employment, you agree to pay back a percentage of your monthly income over a set period of time. 

Members of the Academy can choose to enroll onto the ISA. Our structure means you agree to pay back 10% of your monthly income for 48 qualifying months.

Repayments only start once you earn over £27,000 and these payments last for just 48 qualifying months. 

  • No debt & no interest
  • No Up-front costs
  • We share the risk with you. The Academy is hugely motivated to ensure you start your dream career and are paid handsomely
  • No employment, or low-income employment means you don’t pay anything back
  • After 96 months, if you haven’t paid back your ISA, then it is automatically cancelled with no penalty

ISA’s are our investment in you and we invest in applicants who show the potential to lead a successful cyber security career. Motivation, interest, & enthusiasm for the sector of cyber security is also deemed key. 

Re-thinking education finance

Modern, fair finance with no up-front cost

Income share agreements allow us to choose our students on merit and potential, not financial standing.

If you think you have the potential to succeed at the Academy, then you could be eligible for membership. 

3 Things About Our ISA

Pay £0 until you're earning over £30k

We cover your tuition cost until you've landed a high-paying job. ISA payments don't start until you're earning a minimum of £27k

Monthly payments always affordable

We never receive more than 10% of your monthly income and only when you meet the minimum income threshold.

No debt, no interest, lots of flexibility

The ISA is between you and us only, it doesn't affect your credit rating or count as debt. Our investment in your cyber security career.


A free to attend online school for primary and secondary school pupils. Includes live and online, instructor-led classes alongside homework assignments. 

Please go to for more information. We hope to have the school up and running by, or before, the 30th March.