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INVEST IN POTENTIAL Join the journey to redefine cyber security education & kick start thousands of new careers View Pitch Deck

Our Vision, Our Strategy

Redefining cyber security education, kick starting careers, and helping employers

Deliver World Class Training

We all remember our favorite teacher. Amazing tutors make all the difference in education. The Academy has some of the UK’s leading academics and cyber trainers making a difference, day-in, day-out

Ensure Employment for Academy Members

We don’t get paid until our students are employed. We do everything in our power to make it happen. 

Our goal is to have 90% of Academy graduates in employment within 12 weeks.

Deliver a Viral Experience

The entire 16-week experience for Academy members is 5 star. From the  Hogwarts style letter of acceptance and the induction day, through to the amazing member community and the graduation ceremony.

Educate 1,000 Members By 2023

We’re striving to deliver our 5-star education experience to over 1,000 members by 2023. The UK needs more cyber talent, and we’re planning to lead the way. 

Educate Employers and Fill the Skills Gap

Cyber security education is a confusing world for employers. We’re aiming to blueprint ‘what good looks like’ for L1 & L2 cyber security analyst roles and similar. 

Expand Into Other Verticals

By 2021, we want the Academy to provide cyber security education for all levels of professional. From aspiring CISO’s through to Senior Architects. 

Be part of something special

We're raising investment now, don't miss out!

Be part of the team from Y1 and experience exceptional growth. 


Proven demand, hot & growing sector, sensational founding team, and an appetite to make a difference. 

The Academy of Cyber Security represents a sound investment opportunity for those who can bring expertise & experience alongside their capital. 

The Academy of Cyber Security is reducing a rapidly growing global cyber skills gap of 2.9m professionals. Alongside this, the current cyber security training & education ecosystem is complex & inadequate. There are over 180 bodies which offer cyber security certifications and universities are often misaligned with industry. Add in the expensive, up-front cost of certifications and the interest riddled debt of the university, it’s clear to see that there’s scope for innovation. 

The Academy of Cyber security was developed around these problems. We’re creating an institution which provides world-class cyber security education closely aligned with industry, alongside a fair and ethical way for students to pay. 

Here’s our USP’s;

  • No-upfront cost, ISA enabled cyber security training
  • Developed alongside key employers and an outstanding industry advisory board
  • Highly valuable mentoring scheme for all members of the Academy
  • Immersive and intensive course. 16 weeks in length and offers 500+ contact hours (more than a Masters degree)
  • Hybrid education delivery, a bespoke mix of live online and offline in-person training. 
  • Sensational founding team and tutors

Competitors can be seen as the following; 

  • Universities
  • Certification training providers
  • Online training platforms
  • Self -study


Long completion time-frame, misaligned with industry, and  not accessible to everyone. Minimal and ineffective mentoring provided. 

Certification Training Providers

Requires up-front expenditure and usually expensive. Ecosystem confusing, with over 180 certifications bodies offering cyber security related qualification. Certification holders not highly employable. No mentoring available.

Online Training Platforms

Low cost, low employability. Can lead to some certifications, but not seen as a viable place to recruit from on its own. Minimal mentoring available. 


Time consuming, requires very high discipline, up-front exam fees still apply. Confusing certification ecosystem still a problem and lack of mentoring and community a negative. 

Academy of Cyber Security

No up-front costs and includes well-known certifications. Immersive in length and curriculum, includes mentoring and great community. Employment outcomes for graduates very high, up-front cost is low.

SANS Institute & DCMS ran a 12-week cyber academy course in 2017. It received 4,000 applicants for just 55 places (Only ran one cohort).

TechVets partnered with Immersive Labs to provide an 8-week online-only cyber training course. Their last cohort in Jan 2019 had 1,900 students. 

The Academy of Cyber Security has held initial partnership conversations with employers, certification providers, and other potential partners with great success and feedback. 

After incubating and validating the idea, a founding team was developed in June 2019 to optimise the venture and subsequently deliver. 

The Academy will be applying for a number of government grants and funding pots, alongside raising private investment capital from August 2019 onward.

The curriculum is in development, and we’re hopeful we will be ready to deliver cohort 1 in the 2019/20 academic year. 

Initial partnership conversations are taking place with feedback and interest very high. 

Founding Team