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The Benefits of Corporate Involvement Fee-free talent, corporate re-purposing, industry advisory board Get Involved

How to Get Involved

Fee-free hiring, corporate re-purposing, positive PR

Fee-free Hiring

Academy graduates are highly educated, highly certified, and extremely promising cyber security professionals. 

Hiring from the academy is fee-free, and the range of L1-L2 talent on offer is outstanding. 

Corporate Re-purposing

Cyber security professionals are expensive and notoriously difficult to attract & retain. 

Why not re-purpose some of your existing workforce and put them through the academy? 

Avoid unnecessary redundancies and hiring fees, and get the most out of your existing talent.

Industry Advisory Board

The Academy would like to develop an industry advisory board to help shape and advise on curriculum content. 

Participation on the industry advisory board holds numerous benefits. These include priority access to graduates, shaping what they learn, and numerous PR opportunities. 

An alternative talent source

Fee-Free Hiring

Get your hands on the next-generation of cyber security professionals for absolutely no-cost. 


The Academy offers cyber security employers an exciting and alternative pool of talent to explore. 

From former MoD IT Technicians & RAF Comms Officers, through to mature pharmacy IT Administrators & project engineers. The Academy has a diverse and exciting mix of talent. 

The Academy educates hundreds of members annually. Backgrounds are diverse, and we even run ‘Veteran-only’ and ‘women-only’ courses on an annual basis. 

to be accepted into the Academy, applicants must show a base-level understanding of IT and possess the potential and desire to be a high-performing cyber security professional. 

Our student pool consists of the following; 

  • Veterans with technical experience
  • Top performing IT or Cyber Security graduates
  • Women with significant cyber potential
  • Former IT or STEM professionals from the corporate sector who want to re-purpose
  • Public sector workers with IT knowledge

All applicants are thoroughly vetted and judged on potential, current knowledge, eagerness to learn about cyber security, and stability in former employment. 

The Academy of cyber security is a highly accredited course. Graduates will put through 16 weeks of GCHQ-certified material. They will be in the classroom for over 400 hours and expected to complete over 200 hours of self-study.

The course is highly practical, hands-on and closely aligned with industry expectations. 

Mandatory certifications include; 

  • CompTIA A+
  • CompTIA Security+
  • CompTIA Networks+
  • CompTIA Linux+

Graduates will also hold one further certification of their interest. These could include certifications from ISACA, EC-Council, OCSP, GIAC, and others.

If you’re an employer who would like to explore hiring from teh academy or interviewing our members, then please contact us using this form.

Your contact will be sent straight through to the senior leadership team for consideration. 

You will be given the opportunity to attend one of the Academy’s in-person bootcamp days to meet with Academy members or recent graduates. There will be opportunity to see CVs and  arrange interviews with our internal talent acquisition team. 

  • No recruitment fees and less competition
  • Hire next-gen talent closely aligned with employment specifications
  • Hire talent with hands-on technical skills who can add value immediately
  • Gain positive PR exposure for your brand and organisation
  • Frequent employers gain priority access to top performing members of the Academy
  • Opportunities to offer work experience placements or short-term ‘trial’ contracts. 
  • Hire L1-L2 professionals with the most effective cyber security certifications
Get the best out of your current workforce

Corporate Re-purposing

Don’t lose valuable employees, re-purpose them. Turn low value employees into long-term assets through the Academy of Cyber Security. 

Corporate Re-purposing

Don’t lose employees, re-purpose them.

Avoid resignations and redundancies and turn low value employees into long term assets.  The Academy of Cyber Security can be your solution to building the security function within your organisation. 

Corporate re-purposing is the re-skilling and re-training of an employee. 

An example would be your IT Service Desk Analyst who is looking to resign due to lack of challenge, or maybe they  face redundancy. The employer enrolls the employee on the Academy of Cyber Security with the intention of said employee joining the cyber security department. 

This employee no longer leaves the business, but adds considerable value to the employers workforce through corporate re-purposing. 

  • Don’t lose employees with potential and great cultural fit
  • Avoid hiring fees 
  • Avoid time and resource commitment to hire within a difficult cyber security talent market
  • Avoid redundancies and the process/financial loss associated
  • Develop and retain talent within the cyber security sector, a difficult task without re-purposing
  • Use it as a USP to attract talent into other areas of your business
  • Employees feel valued and retention is increased

Using the Academy of Cyber Security to re-purpose workers ultimately leads to long-term profit. 

  • Avoid hiring fees
  • Avoid time and process investment in recruitment
  • Avoid time and resource loss on in-house training

The cost to put an employee, or future employee, through the Academy of Cyber Security is £15,000. 

This includes 16-weeks of intensive and immersive training. A world-class bespoke curriculum, one-to-one mentoring, and the acquisition of highly regarded cyber security certifications. 

Help shape the future of cyber security education

Join our Industry Advisory Board

Want to help shape our curriculum and the next-generation of cyber security professionals? The PR and marketing opportunities of being involved are plentiful.

Industry Advisory Board

Help us shape the next generation of cyber security professionals. 

Reap the rewards and benefits of being associated with the Academy of Cyber Security and contribute to reducing global talent shortage. 

The industry advisory board consists of a small number of influential and exciting cyber security employers. 

The board members act as advisors to the Academy, working with us the design and shape the curriculum, it’s content, and it’s delivery. 

The main purpose of such is to make sure what we teach is strongly aligned to industry standards. It is our priority to make sure graduates are highly employable and can add value to employers straight away. 

  • Logo and link on our home page
  • PR announcement circulated widely upon joining
  • LinkedIn marketing announcement and on-going marketing content about your involvement
  • Ability to shape direction of our curriculum and strategy
  • Ability to help reduce the global skills shortage of cyber security professionals
  • Positive PR opportunities when in visible support of academia ventures
  • Ideal if you plan to hire or re-purpose employees from the Academy of Cyber Security

Simply click the ‘Join Now’ button you see above. Contact us through the form and your message will be sent directly to the senior leadership team. 

Preference is given to organisations who have a mature security function or their organisation is focused on cyber security service provision.