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One to one

A guiding hand from an industry professional

Learn from a current cyber professional

Our mentors are senior cyber security professionals with expansive networks. They’re here to help you kick-start your cyber security career.


Your mentor will be an external guiding hand alongside your academic studies

They help you

With their industry knowledge and network, mentors are able to open doors and secure interview opportunities for you

Mentoring Rocks

You and your small team are paired with a current cyber security professional. As you progress throughout your journey at the Academy, your mentor will provide one-to-on and team-based mentoring support.

They provide help with projects, external academic guidance, networking opportunities, job opportunities, and much more. 

Higher Learning, Higher earning

Discover the benefits of a personal mentor

A successful mentoring relationship can be life changing. 

Personal Mentoring

“Who you know, not what you know”

Developing a network in a sector you’ve never worked in before can hard, but your mentor can give you a head start. Mentoring can be life changing, and mentor/mentee relationships can last the entirety of your career

Mentors are current cyber security professionals. They have expansive networks and strong cyber security expertise.

We have over 80 UK-based mentors on our programme, all willing to help you start your career.

Each student team is assigned a lead mentor. That means for every 5 students, there is one mentor.

You’ll receive both one-to-one and team-based mentoring sessions.

The scheme is designed to compliment your academic studies. You can receive help from your mentor on cyber project work or anything academic. More importantly, you can learn directly from their experience and leverage their network. They can open up doors, giving you a head start in your new cyber career.