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Flexible Financing Options

You choose how you want to finance your career change. Choose to pay up-front, a student loan, or an income share agreement. 

Pay Up-front

£ 7,500
  • Pricing starts from £7,500 (applies for specific cohorts)
  • Pay up-front, don't worry about repayments
  • No debt, no hassle
Starts from*

Income Share

No debt, no interest, no up-front costs.
  • No up-front costs, no debt, no interest
  • You repay the Academy a percentage of your future income
  • Don't pay anything back until you earn over £27,000
  • Example: pay 10% of your monthly income back to the Academy for 48 months
  • Access to Alumni resources whilst paying back

Student Loan

A private loan to finance your tuition costs
  • Powered by our finance partner, Lendwise
  • Repayments begin upon graduation
  • Payment amounts always the same
  • Similar to car finance, but for education
Re-thinking education finance

Modern, fair finance with no up-front costs

Income share agreements allow us to choose our students on merit and potential, not financial standing.

With multiple financing options available, you can change your career without years of saving.


A free to attend online school for primary and secondary school pupils. Includes live and online, instructor-led classes alongside homework assignments. 

Please go to for more information. We hope to have the school up and running by, or before, the 30th March.