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Learner Loans

Flexible Finance

Enabling career-changing education for those who deserve it

What is a learner loan?

A personal loan

You borrow the 'tuition fee' amount and repay this amount over 1 - 10 years in monthly installments

Our partner

We've partnered with Lendwise, a UK-based, FCA regulated finance provider

Re-pay after graduation

Re-payments begin after you graduate, not during your studies.

No re-payment fees

There are no penalties for re-paying your loan early.

Student finance

Modern, fair, and flexible finance

Tuition finance allows us to choose our students based on merit and potential, not financial standing.

Everyone has the potential to change their career, what are you waiting for?

The Numbers


The tuition fee amount you will borrow


The average APR of the loan

1-10 years

The term of the loan

A Representative Example

9% APR

You borrow £10,000 at a fixed interest rate of 9% APR

6 years

You take out the loan for a period of 6 years


You repay £180.26 per month after graduation over the 6-year period

Learner loans

We’ve partnered with Lendwise, an FCA-approved student finance provider.

A learner loan is an unsecured personal loan which pays for your academic tuition fees. 

Lendwise offer the lowest  in interest rates in the market alongside the widest eligibility criteria.  

They are FCA regulated and have a credible & responsible track record.


Eligibility criteria;

  • Available for those who have been offered enrolment with the Academy of Cyber Security
  • UK resident
  • UK passport holder

If you are unsure regarding your eligibility, please check with Lendwise by emailing [email protected] or by calling +44 203 890 7270. You can also read answers to frequently asked questions on Lendwise’s website